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Design is everywhere we look, it should speak for itself, it should inspire, it should be timeless.

Paula was born in Bogota, Colombia. Her passion for design came from a very early age as she explored local Colombian architecture and felt connected to the creativity and functionality of architects and designers. After graduating from Cornell University she moved to Miami, Florida where she started practicing architecture.

Her work expands from high-end residential, hospitality design to wellness design, home renovation and Interior decoration.

She loves to explore design through travel and living the everyday. Her interest in wellness led her to become a fitness professional while doing architecture, she is a wellness advocate and has been a fitness instructor/trainer for 12 years.

"My lifestyle is the big inspiration to my work. If I feel good and love the space I am in, I feel more productive, I feel inspired"


Mindfulness, wellness, functionality and the coastal look and feel is also what characterizes her and where she also finds her inspiration.

Following her passion for design, Paula created the company Paula V Design which focuses on renovations, custom interiors and interior decorating. Designs that feel beautiful, modern and classic. Creating and modifying spaces with elegance, simplicity and functionality. 

"Design is the process of problem solving through experimentation, observation resulting in efficient, innovative solutions. The process comes from not being afraid, exploring functionality, engagement, practicality while implementing creativity and awareness.


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